About APIC

Vocational Education in Academic Disciplines

Not only can APIC offer an environment rich in our social an cultural experiences. But also it offers:

  • Accommodation and homestay

    Accommodation options within an institute or university campus often include dormitories, residence halls, or student apartments.

  • Further study opportunities

    Continuing education options include graduate programs, online courses, certifications, workshops, and internships for skill and knowledge enhancement.

  • Finding legal, health and medical services

    Locating legal, health, and medical services involves researching reputable providers, clinics, and professionals within your area or through online platforms.

We Providing The Best Quality Online Courses

Not only can APIC offer an environment rich in our social an cultural experiences. But also it offers:

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Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver industry-relevant education through experienced trainers in a modern facility, fostering comprehensive learning for students' successful futures.

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Our Vision

Our vision is to be a preferred educational centre of choice for national and international students toundertake high-quality training in Sydney.

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Our Primary purpose

The provision of high-quality vocational training for students to help equip them with industry-relevant skills and qualifications in a supportive and well-resourced learning environment.

Our Business

Fulfilling Futures through Industry Relevant Education at APIC

The key business objectives of Australian Pacific International College are to:

  • Empowering students with industry skills for their desired careers.
  • Delivering competency-based, high-quality education to enhance employability.
  • Attract a high calibre of international students who are proficient in English
  • Provide comfortable, well-located and well-equipped facilities to give students an optimum learning experience

Why Choose Us

Overview of AQF and Education Approach

  • The Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) serves as a nationally recognized framework for qualifications in various education sectors in Australia, including school, vocational education and training (VET), and higher education.
  • All AQF courses offered by Australian Guess International College t/a Australian Pacific International College hold national recognition, ensuring their quality assurance.
  • AQF qualifications are designed to support lifelong learning, allowing individuals to start at their appropriate level and progress through different education systems based on their evolving needs and interests.